Layaway Plan and Payment plans.


We offer a super easy to use layaway plan. Customers are able to make small

payments on your belt/belts and once itís paid in full it ships.

Amount down? We ask for $25.00 or more down for each belt you want to


How long? You can make payments for up to 6 months. Terms? After making the

down payment of $25.00 ormore you then can make payments as often as you

like, for any amount that you like. Once the item is paid in full it ships.

What can I layaway? You can layaway new or pre owned belts. You can also

layaway pro grades and re-leathering services. Combo deals put on layaway may

be subject to a higher price.

Payments? We take all major credit cards, PayPal and money orders.

PayPal payments:
PayPal payments can be sent to, please use the

goods and services option when making layaway payments. After making your

first payment please message us with your full shipping details and to confirm

which item or items you want. You donít have to list any notes or comments with

the payment. Once your layaway is set up we will message you each time we get a

payment from you once we have a chance to process it to your account. You donít

need to message to let us know you made payments. We will always message you

once we get around to processing your payment. This is done normally within

hours, but could take up to 36 hours.

Credit Card Payments:

Credit or debit card payments can be emailed ( ) or messaged

to me (JOHN BARBAROSSA via PM on facebook). We will need the following info: Name on Card,

Billing address, Card Number, Exp Date, Last 3 on the back of the amount and

for you to confirm which item you want and the amount you want to put down to


Money order:

Those can be made out to A+Jís Belts and mailed to: A+Jís Belts 215

Sauk Trail Valparaiso, IN 46385

Time: 6 months is the max time allowed, but we are understanding people. So if

you have tried to make payments and run out of time we fully understand stuff

happens and can give you extra time. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON


Can I switch: We ask that you donít switch the belt you have on layaway. If itís a

brand new belt that we normally have in stock we are normally ok with a switch,

but if itís a pre-owned or 1 of a kind item please donít switch as you would be

blocking us from selling that item to another person while you had it on layaway.

Can I use a money in the bank pass? Yes, money in the bank passes can be used on

your layaway. They are not used as the down payment. The amount of your pass

is taken off the purchase price. This applies to members of our face book belt group.

THE BIG NO NO: Please respect the system. This layaway plan is a helpful way for

customers to get the items they want without having to drop a ton of money at once.

So we ask when you have a layaway going that you focus your belt spending money

on your layaway. Layaway is not to be used to hold an item for you while you purchase other

items from people or places that donít offer layaway.

PAYMENT PLAN: The payment plan offered is not layaway its a different option.

For this option you must have a PayPal account. You simply

add the item or items to the shopping cart you wish to order. or

Login when it asks you. Soon after you see will an option for PayPal credit or

PayPal credit special offer. You will click there and apply. If youíre approved then

PayPal will pay for your item in full and it will ship right away and then you will

make payments back to them.

If you have any other questions, please PM John Barbarossa or email us at