Adult Size Official Replica





TRADED IN OFFICIALLY Licensed NWA/TNA X Division Title Full Sized Championship Deluxe Replica Belt. This replica is fully loaded to match the original 100%. The plates feature extra deep engraving and a curve to achieve the most authentic look and feel. The plates feature beautiful dual plating. There are 2 side plates measuring 5.5" wide and 4" Tall. It also includes an NWA/TNA Logo plate as well as a gold tip. The strap is made of Deluxe Real Leather that is very soft and much more flexible then anything produced in the past. There is no stitching, and features fully tooled snap boxes. The belt measures 4' 2" in length, the main plate is 9" tall by 9" wide. These are a whole new breed of Replicas, made from better quality materials, better quality molds, and better quality leather, making this unlike any other Replica Belt you have ever seen before. Included is a Royal Blue storage bag with the official TNA Logo. This belt was traded in only after a short time of the person having the belt. Its in good shape.  It has some slight normal wear, nothing major and a little wear to the silver plating which happens on all title belts over time with silver plating. Here is your chance to get this awesome belt for a fraction of the cost. Just 2 in stock and ready to ship!!!!

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