THIS IS A PRE-OWNED CLASSIC TNA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE BELT. Its the official size and weight of the belt used on TNA. This is molded off the real actual ring used TNA WORLD title belt. This belt comes stocked with huge 4mm thick plates and a nice soft black strap. The pictures above give a full detailed description of the style of the belt. Also comes with a layered 1 of a kind 2 tone Tip at the end. This item was made in a very low number. And as always Free Shipping!!! This belt is pre owned and in good overall shape. The strap like all the TNA straps had some spitting of the layers. We repaired this as best as possible. As long as the belt is displayed and not used roughly it shouldn't be an issue again. We also repaired a stripped screw with some poly which also might give over time if the belt is used roughly. Free Shipping in the USA on this item!


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